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Kép THE WHO - The Polydor Singles [Vinyl Single]

THE WHO - The Polydor Singles [Vinyl Single]

Formátum: LP
Vonalkód: 602547653581
Műfaj: Pop/Rock
Stílus: Rock hard rock power pop
Megjelenés: 2016.04.27
Kiadó: Universal Music
Lemezek száma: 15
Rendelhető: szállítás 2-30 nap

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'Listening To You/See Me, Feel Me' b/w 'Overture'
'Squeeze Box' b/w 'Success Story'
'Who Are You' b/w 'Had Enough'
'Long Live Rock' b/w 'I'm the Face', 'My Wife' (live)
'5.15' b/w 'I'm One'.
'You Better You Bet' b/w 'The Quiet One'
'Don't Let Go The Coat' b/w 'You'
'Athena' b/w 'A Man Is A Man'
'Eminence Front' b/w 'It's Your Turn' (This single was scheduled for release in the UK. Sleeves were printed but it was never released. It was to have been Who 7.)
'Twist and Shout' b/w 'I Can't Explain' (Both live)
'Won't Get Fooled Again / Bony Maronie' (Live at Young Vic)
'Join Together' b/w 'I Can See For Miles' and 'Behind Blue Eyes' (All three tracks live from 1989 US tour)
'Real Good - Looking Boy' b/w 'Old Red Wine'
WIRE & GLASS (EP) 'Sound Round', Pick Up The Peace', Endless Wire', We Got A Hit', 'They Made My Dream Come True', 'Mirror Door'. Polydor 1702801. Released 24 July 2006
'Be Lucky' b/w 'I Can't Explain' (remixed)